Lower maintenance lawns are becoming more and more popular. Finding ways to decrease the amount of grass in the yard can reduce your reliance on watering, chemical fertilizers, and weekend mowing to keep it beautiful. Gravel and stone to the rescue! There are excellent alternatives to turf grass that you can incorporate into your landscape.

Pea gravel seems a good choice for a mulch in planted areas. However, we would be nervous about it getting kicked around when used as a material on paths. It seems one good solution is to use gravel as a general ground covering with plantings throughout it and stone or concrete walking paths.

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A garden path enhances any backyard. Learn about design factors, limitations and installation techniques for gravel, stone, brick and pavers, along with attractive edging options.

Gravel is the easiest to handle and least expensive path material. It feels soft underfoot, but it’s solid enough to handle a loaded wheelbarrow. And although it looks informal, it can complement a formal garden, especially if you add a stone border.

Gravel is available in many sizes and colors. Ask for gravel that compacts well. It’ll typically have stones ranging in size from 3/4 in. down to a powder. Smaller stones (3/8 in.) are the most comfortable underfoot. Larger (3/4 in.) stones stay put better during rainstorms.

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Benefits of Mulch

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Mulch is extremely beneficial to any garden or planting. Mulch lowers maintenance by conserving moisture and suppressing weeds. Mulch improves the fertility of the root zone by adding organic matter as it decomposes and it keeps that root zone cool and moist even in the high heat of summer.

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How did pea gravel get its name? We’ll give you one guess.

As gravel goes, it doesn’t get any better. These rounded fragments of pea-size stone crunch underfoot as satisfyingly as crispy cereal. Good for covering driveways and paths, and for filling spaces between stone pavers, pea gravel is inexpensive and versatile.

“Mix pea gravel with pavers to delineate an outdoor lounge space in the landscape. Pea gravel is very affordable. Decide where you want your loungers to sit, then place them. Fill the remaining space with a layer of pea gravel roughly three inches deep, ensuring you fill the spaces between each paver.”

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Choose natural stone and pea gravel for a low-key look. If you are going for a natural, casual look in your yard, look for stone with rough edges rather than precise pavers, and skip the concrete in favor of rustic (and inexpensive) pea gravel. This combination is budget friendly and chic, calling to mind the relaxed outdoor areas of homes.