Plant life adds vibrancy and texture to the yard, creating a well balanced atmosphere.

Our Landscaping services Include:

  1. Cedar instalments (Privacy)
  2. Tree /Flower Planting
  3. Sodding
  4. Flowerbeds installed & Replenished
  5. Simple clean up
  6. Soil Replenish

Some example of plants we can plant:

  • Empower Japanese Maple
  • Kwanzaa flowering Cherry
  • Faulkner boxwood
  • Std blue spruce
  • Little gem spruce
  • Green velvet boxwood

Please note all our labour is done with MACHINERY.

Call us to discuss your landscaping needs.

Soft Landscape Planting GTA
Soft Landscape Planting GTA
Landscape Tree Planting Vaughan
Landscape Planting GTA
GTA Planting services
Soft Landscape Planting Sodding GTA
Landscape Planting Vaughan
Planting Sodding GTA
Landscaping Services GTA
Soft Landscape Planting And Sodding Vaughan