How we sod?

  • Remove Grass:
    We remove the old grass with our mini machines that strips the old grass and weeds to soil level so all the weeds and grass gets removed.
  • Level Surface:
    We level the surface by adding good quality soil and adding soil to the areas where is low and where more soil is needed.
  • Topsoil:
    We add good quality soil so the grass can catch smooth and nicely with the roots of the turf.
  • Level Topsoil:
    We level the topsoil with rakes and smooth the soil so its leveled and the water flows away from the house.
  • Place grass on topsoil:
    We place the 9 sqft Kentucky bluegrass rolls in a pattern and roll them out as close as possible so there is no gaps in between the sod and the soil.
  • Level grass:
    We level the grass with a heavy watered roller so the ground is levelled and smooth and the roots of the Kentucky blue grass sod is perfectly settled.
  • Water grass:
    We water after the grass is rolled so its moist and we get the best results.

Check our before/after photos

Beautiful Sodding GTA
Beautiful Sodding Vaughan